Journal #1

Originally posted on Blogger on 18 January 2015

Susquehanna University requires all students who study abroad in London to keep a journal responding to prompts that are put up online. Thought it might be interesting to post mine here where it’s mixed in with everything else I’ll posting.


5 Things You’ve Most Looking Forward To

  1. Traveling through the UK and Europe
  2. Exploring London
  3. Finding a bookshop
  4. Meeting people from all over the world, having conversations with those people about their perception of the States and my own personal interests
  5. The fact I’m taking five classes in three different subjects (theatre, literature and history), but they could all be technically categorized at history

5 Things That Worry You Most

  1. Quelling panic about things on my own
  2. Dealing with the everyday little things without panicking or having a meltdown
  3. Asking people for help if and when I get lost, because I’m not the type of person who asks for anything, even if they’ve been my friend for years
  4. Figuring out where I am if and when I get lost, because I can have a horrible sense of direction, even though my initial sense about the direction is usually correct
  5. Trying to be logical when my brain goes into overdrive

5 Things You’ll Miss the Most

  1. My family members (Mom, Dad, grandparents, maternal uncle)
  2. My room, but particularly my bed and the part I turned into a writing nook in the summer of 2014
  3. My friends. The ones I’ve made at Susquehanna, my friends from high school, a friend who I’ve had since I was about five and another who shares my birth date
  4. Feeling excited for this trip because I feel tired. (Stupid jet lag!) Hoping once I’m over the jet lag, I’ll be excited again
  5. The furry blanket a friend gave me as a slightly belated birthday present on December 30

Greatest Challenge: Even though over the years, and throughout the trips I’ve taken with my parents, I’ve developed an instinct about which direction is right and which direction is wrong, I’m afraid it’ll let me down when I’m not used to the city and/or it’s dark and I don’t have the ability to call someone I know very well to get out of the situation.

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