Regent’s Park and the Globe Theatre

Originally posted on Blogger on 10 February 2015

In late January, I decided to go on an exploration of Regent’s Park. Since Regent’s University London (RUL) is in the park, I walk out any exit, and I’m in there. It’s a gorgeous place to get some exercise, or walk around the way I did. Here are some of my photos from a couple different excursions.


The gate of Regent’s Park


DSCN1663.JPG 1


DSCN1665.JPG 1

DSCN1664.JPG 1

DSCN1666.JPG 1

A few days later, I decided I couldn’t live in London any longer without having been to the Globe. I decided that I wanted to go alone this first time and be able to soak it all in to my heart’s content and not worry about anyone else.

DSCN1700.JPG 1

DSCN1703.JPG 1

DSCN1704.JPG 1

DSCN1707.JPG 1

DSCN1708.JPG 1

DSCN1709.JPG 1

DSCN1717.JPG 1

DSCN1720.JPG 1

DSCN1725.JPG 1

DSCN1727.JPG 1

DSCN1728.JPG 1
The gates of the Globe. All the animals are mentioned in at least one of Shakespeare’s plays

DSCN1730.JPG 1

Then I took a walk along the Thames with a hot chocolate from Pret a Manger

DSCN1745.JPG 1

DSCN1744.JPG 1

DSCN1742.JPG 1

DSCN1750.JPG 1
The official entrance to the City of London

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