Tower Bridge

Note: New for this version

On 30 January 2015, I walked up Tower Bridge. I hadn’t known it was an option, but it gives a great view of the River Thames and the surrounding area, including new angles of the bridge itself. Here are some of my photos from that day

DSCN1757.JPG 1

DSCN1760.JPG 1

DSCN1763.JPG 1
The Tower of London from Tower Bridge

DSCN1764.JPG 1

DSCN1767.JPG 1

DSCN1768.JPG 1

DSCN1770.JPG 1

DSCN1773.JPG 1

DSCN1778.JPG 1

DSCN1784.JPG 1

DSCN1786.JPG 1

DSCN1788.JPG 1

DSCN1795.JPG 1

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