Oxford and the Cotswolds

Originally posted on Blogger on 25 February 2015

On Sunday I went to Oxford for the day. It rained, but I’ve now experienced true British weather. It actually wasn’t that bad, but colder than I might have liked for wandering around a city.

I had to wake up at 06:30, but I’d bought a croissant from a nearby patisserie that I ate while getting ready.

DSCN1850.JPG 1
The view out my window  before I left
DSCN1852.JPG 1
Beautiful British countryside

Before we got to Oxford, we went to a village called Stow-on-the-Wold. It was a Sunday, so most of the shops were closed. It probably would’ve been better to go during the week or on a Saturday. A lot of the conversations I had revolved around the interesting looking shops we couldn’t explore. There was also a parish church, but we didn’t go inside because there was a service.

While we were in Stow-on-the-Wold, we went to an independent coffee shop for hot drinks. Love the British hot chocolate.

DSCN1856.JPG 1
The church tower

DSCN1858.JPG 1

DSCN1859.JPG 1

DSCN1860.JPG 1

After we left Stow-on-the-Wold, we drove through the Cotswolds region of England. This area is historically famous for the wool produced in this region. It was said that the best wool came from England, the best wool in England came from the Cotswolds.

By this time, the rain had started. It made wandering through Oxford not as pleasant, but it made for some beautiful pictures of the English countryside though.

DSCN1863.JPG 1

DSCN1864.JPG 1

DSCN1865.JPG 1

DSCN1866.JPG 1

After driving through the Cotswolds for about half an hour (I think), we arrived in Oxford. It was windy, rainy, and me and the group of people I was hanging out with, ended up not exploring that much and spent most of the time in a pub and another coffee shop.

First on the docket, the entire bus load of us, had to stand in a very long queue, waiting to get into Christchurch, Oxford.

DSCN1869.JPG 1
This bridge connects two buildings of Oxford University
DSCN1870.JPG 1
A view of Christchurch Oxford
DSCN1871.JPG 1
Another view

Didn’t get any pictures of it because of camera issues, but I stood in the courtyard, cloisters and the entrance hall where scenes from Harry Potter were filmed.

Next on the docket, find a pub for lunch. The one we ended up going to is called The Crown. It’s a bit old-fashioned, but the decor is awesome. Perfect for a British history nerd like me.

I had fish and chips.

After lunch, we did a bit of wandering, but we got wet and annoyed, so we found a coffee shop, and spent the rest of the time inside there. It was like a lot of other modern coffee shops I’ve seen in Europe. I would rather have sat in the pub for a bit longer.

Oxford was a beautiful city, and I wish the weather hadn’t been so horrid. It was interesting though to see one of the oldest cities in the world that I’d come across through my reading of British history. It also gave me a taste of how bad the weather could be in England, and how lucky I was when I was there three years ago. Even though the weather was bad, there was something distinctly British about walking around in a cold, windy, rainy city surrounded by people holding umbrellas and attempting to not have them flip inside out. It was a look into what the weather can be like in my favourite country in the world, but what I can take away from it is how beautiful a city it is even through the rain that hung over the city like a blanket. It made me appreciate all the days it hasn’t rained while I’ve been here more, and I’m actually looking forward to the next rainstorm. It hasn’t changed how I feel about the country, and now I’m excited to explore another town.

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