Camden Town

Originally posted on Blogger on 17 March 2015

On Wednesday, 11 March, I went out to Camden Town. It was interesting because it was a combination of Venice Beach, California and one of those open air markets that seem to be in any fairly decent sized Italian town.

As an area, it was busy and touristy like Venice Beach, California and the main street is full of tattoo shops and places to buy luggage, purses and London souvenirs. Then one goes down a side street and you could be in a different part of London that isn’t anything like the craziness of Camden. It actually reminds me a lot of Venice, Italy in that aspect. There’s the section of Venice around the Basiliica San Marco and Piazza San Marco that’s very busy and touristy, even as it gets later at night, and then you don’t have to walk very far off the beaten track to find a quiet area of the city to relax and enjoy where you are. And if you want to dive back into it, the hustle and bustle isn’t far away.








The food part of the market was overwhelming, so I bought a couple nutella crepes and brought them out to Little Venice. It reminds more of Venice, Italy than Venice Beach, California.

A glimpse of the food part of the market. Good nutella crepes




The church above Little Venice


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