Midterms and Classes Update

Originally posted on Blogger on 3 March 2015

It’s currently midterms week at Regent’s American College London (RACL). I’ve discovered that while abroad, studying sucks as much as when I’m home in the States. Possibly more because for one reason or another I’ve been stuck inside the last two days and it’s been beautiful, sunny and good walking around London weather. Hopefully there will be at least a couple sunny days next week when I’m on spring break.

Every semester I’ve been in college, I’ve only had papers to do and no formal tests. It seems this has carried over across the Atlantic. This likely has to do with the fact I’m a creative writing major and history minor. Most of what we’re doing is opinion based, so it’s difficult for professors to make up a formal test half away through the semester and then again at the end. It’s interesting though because it lets me know it’s not only Susquehanna University (SU) where I have my tests in this way. It’s not a fun part of the semester, but I have to remember that I’m officially half away through it and the midterms I have left are based around what I consider to be my forte. I don’t think they’ll be too bad, and if I keep in mind that I can give myself little rewards here and there, I’ll get through it and then I’ll have ten days to explore London and take a day trip or two.

I’m excited to get midterms over with so I can have some more time to explore, but on the other hand I’ve been enjoying my classes, so I’m also excited to have midterms over with so I can go back to looking at the material and not have to worry about being tested on it. This semester has been good for me. I’m learning so much about myself and the stuff I’m interested in, that I don’t mind having to take classes while I’m here. I was talking about this with a couple other SU students who are in London as well at dinner last night, and they were talking about how they didn’t understand why we had to take classes while we’re here. I kept quiet, because I’m enjoying taking classes in a different environment.

I’ve taken a couple field trips with my classes already, and have two more later in the semester. It’s definitely been a good experience studying in the middle of a city and getting to go outside the classroom and look at things we’re studying. Having discussions about what happened to churches during the Reformation and then seeing an example of what happened to them by going to Westminster Abbey was interesting because it gives you a visual of that is hard to get from looking at photographs in a book or on a website.

I’m excited to see where the rest of this semester takes me and what I discover over spring break.

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