Journal #4

Originally posted on Blogger on 28 April 2015

This is the fourth and final journal entry Susquehanna University is requiring me to do.

Five Things I’ve Enjoyed Most:

  1. Being in London after enjoying it so much when I was here in 2011 and reading about it ever since
  2. My day trip to Hampton Court Palace. I’ve read about it a lot in reference to Henry VIII, so being able to walk around in the same palace as all the people I’ve been obsessed with since middle school was great
  3. My weekend trip to Paris
  4. Being able to hop on the Tube or a bus whenever I wanted to go somewhere else in the city
  5. Meeting people

Five Things That Were Difficult/Bothered Me Most:

  1. The Paris Metro system and how you had to buy paper tickets every time you wanted to go somewhere after having the luxury of having an Oyster card (BTW the actual trains were fine)
  2. Learning to enjoy myself where I was if/when I got lost without getting flustered
  3. Missing friends/family
  4. Leaving time to do my coursework to the best of my ability
  5. Not panicking when I thought I left my iPhone/Kindle/whatever electronic device behind either in my dorm room or the last place I’d been

Five Things I Missed the Least:

  1. Living in the middle of nowhere (even though I love Susquehanna University and where I live in Massachusetts)
  2. The people from home and uni I don’t get along with
  3. Snow (and cold in general)
  4. Getting a cold at least once a semester every other semester I’ve been at uni
  5. Having to deal with a class (or two) I didn’t like because I liked all my classes and lecturers at RUL

Greatest Challenge While Abroad:

I honestly have no idea what to write for this, because not many of the things I was fearful of happened. The things that did happen, I dealt with well and either figured out on my own or got over my fear of asking for help. The things I thought would bother me the most turned out to not be that bad, and some of them ended up not even being a problem. There were a couple panicky moments, but I’ve learned to fight my way through them, because I didn’t have the luxury of being able to call home whenever I wanted. It wasn’t a challenge though. I knew it was reality, so I used the stubborn part of my personality and fought my way through it. Once I fought my way through it, yeah, I could still get annoyed, but being annoyed and getting angry are different. Once it had happened once, it was easier to fight my way out of it.

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