Travel Essentials

Tomorrow night I’m getting on a plane and going to Great Britain for the third time in my life. This time it’s three weeks in England and Scotland. I’m taking my purple JanSport backpack and a purple 22″ TravelPro suitcase. I’m only going to be going to detail about the stuff in my carry-on, since the suitcase is going to have the slightly more stuff in it: clothes, toiletries, etc.


This is the bag I’ve chosen. I got it in the summer of 2014 for uni and for the study abroad programme I was going to in January 2015. It’s a purple JanSport pack. It’s the one with the two main pockets.


And you have to have a hoodie or something for the plane in case it’s cold. This is my Fault in Our Stars one I got after the film came out in 2014. I got it from Amazon.


Wallet. Got this one at Van Heusen. Much better for traveling in summer than my last one which was purple vinyl and stuck to everything in the heat.


Gum. For take off and landing. I only have it if I remember it. I have been known to forget it, but I try to remember.


Chapstick. I throw it in here because flights are notoriously dry, and I want it in case my checked baggage gets lost.


Reading material. I also have my Kindle, but I like having something to read for take off and landing, so I always bring a physical book in my carry on.


Kindle paperwhite. More reading material. Since I got my first Kindle, I’ve only bought a couple physical books, and then my Kindle. For a bookworm like me, it’s incredibly convenient.


Writing materials


Notes so I can write on the plane without wasting the battery on my iPad or phone.


Phone and earbuds




Point and shoot camera. I have the Nikon S5300


Extra SD card for camera


Chargers. This is what traveling in the 21st century is like












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