Edinburgh to Oban

We got up early the next morning and went to our favourite breakfast place for croissants and coffee.


After breakfast, we went back to our flat and got our bags, then went to Edinburgh train station where we got a train to Glasgow Queen Street.


We had a longish connection in Glasgow. The best part was we had time to go out of the train station and and walk a couple blocks. We found a Pret a Manger and when Mum suggested we go there instead of another sandwich shop, I said “yes” in five seconds and a bit too loudly.

When the train from Glasgow to Oban was announced, we got on the train. Probably one of the best, most gorgeous train rides I’ve ever taken.






Then we arrived in Oban…

First view of Oban

We got a bit lost getting to the Air BnB we’d rented for three days from the rail station, but via calling the contact number we’d been given, we eventually found our way.

The first night we were there, it was raining and we went out to a fish and chip shop, where I informed my parents that I couldn’t taste the difference between cod and haddock, and hence didn’t have a preference.



Might’ve already been falling in love with it at this point.


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